Open Source Mapping Robot


It is possible that I may decide to produce kits of parts for this robot. I would likely charge a little more than if you ordered all of the parts yourself. The advantage for you would be that you could make just one order and get everything all at once. You also wouldn't have to find a way to cut the acrylic pieces yourself. For me, I would be making a small amount of money mostly due to volume discounts. I'm not sure if it would be worth it though. If you think that you might be interested in buying a kit at some point in the future, send me an email through the contact form on this website telling me what you would be interested in buying. This will not obligate you in any way. If I get enough responses then I'll run a crowdfunding campaign that funds only if enough people contribute.

Likely kits would be:
  • Just the microcontroller circuit board
  • Just the mechanical parts
  • The mechanical parts, the microcontroller circuit board, and the L298N motor driver

Robot TV
Robot TV

CPU software

Robot TV